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Fast 30 minute Service with Best Price Policy!

Most drop-in repairs can be done while you wait.   For mail-in repairs we send a postage paid prepaid label by email upon order confirmation.  Once received, an estimate will be provided before work begins. On completion the device is returned by USPS Priority which takes 2 days. If you cannot do without a device, a courtesy phone is available to both mail-in and drop-in customers.  If you find a better price on repairs, call us and we’ll match or beat it!

Parts Sales and Workmanship Warranty

We warranty both parts and labor on repairs for 30 days.  If you just need a part, we also sell iPhones and Galaxy phone screens and parts at great prices!

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Best Prices on Phone Buyback

Most people own more than 1 phone.  Many phones are left sitting in drawers and can be recycled or sold to save the environment.  GalaxyCPR works with to provide customers top dollar for their phone.  Go online to get an price and drop off your device at our Las Vegas store! For those not in Las Vegas, get a pre-paid USPS mailer sent to you anywhere in the USA!  Once the device condition is verified, your cash will be delivered by either an Amazon gift card or Paypal!

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Phone Sales

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Gently Used A-Grade Phones with Warranty

Buying the newest phones can be exciting but expensive.  Combine the new phone premium with 3 year carrier lock-ins and your costs skyrocket!  Plus, new release devices are often unstable, buggy and incompatible with older apps. To solve this, we partnered with CellDiscount.Store to offer gently used A-grade phones sourced through premium suppliers. All phones come with a standard 90-day warranty (extendable to 3 years).  We also offer low cost fixed monthly subscription plans where you get periodic model upgrades included in your plan.

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Trade-in & Upgrade your Existing Phone

Is your phone running slow?  Manufacturers and software developers are constantly upgrading the system software while your hardware gets left behind! We can upgrade your existing phone via a trade-up to a newer generation model.

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PHONE Unlocking

Unlocking allows the replacement of your initial mobile network provider without replacing the phone.  Most carriers “lock” phones so it works only with their specific SIM cards. This ensures customers are “locked-in” to the carrier for an extended period. Using an alternative SIM card in a locked phone results in an error messages, such as “SIM Card Not Accepted”.

Benefits of Unlocking

1. Ability to use any SIM card on any network
2. Ability to take advantage of roaming services offered by most major networks
3. Possibility of dual, tri or even quad band functions allowing you to use your phone in even more countries around the globe.

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Corporate Solutions

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

We lower TCO via optimizing your businesses connected device strategy.  We provide a one stop-shop for device acquisition, disposition, upgrades and more.  As we are carrier and brand agnostic, we are able to offer price optimal solutions.

Software Solutions

We specialize in offering software and infrastructure solutions to integrate customer acquisition, CRM, POS and accounting modules.  We work with industry leading vendors such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Zoho, Amazon Cloud, Google and more.  For marketing we have expertise in lead acquisition, conversion and analytics covering all major social platforms.

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