Samsung Galaxy S9 Repair

Samsung S9 Repair Services



Samsung S9 Product Overview

Made by Samsung the S9 was released in March of 2018 is a reinvention of previous S8.  The key features are:

  • Infinity Display larger than the S8
  • Fast Biometric security
  • Excellent low-light Camera with dual-aperture shutter
  • Headphone jack still there!

Free Quotations

We provide free quotations and diagnosis on all Samsung products including phones, notebooks, tablets and more .  Unlike other shops you can speak directly to our technician who can give you an estimate before you engage in any services.

Comprehensive Fast Repair Service

We provide the following services for the S9 Phone:

  • Screen LCD Repair for all Samsung models of notebooks, tablets and phones
  • Hardware service for any malfunctions
  • Virus and Malware Protection
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backups
  • Battery, back cover glass, camera replacement

Most services can be performed within the same day if parts do not need to be ordered.

Best Prices Guaranteed and Local Vegas Price Matching

As we are a local privately owned enterprise we do not incur the same overhead as our competitors.  These savings can be passed on to the customer.  Within the Las Vegas area, we will price match any of our competitors quotes for the same repair!


In some cases if you do not wish to have it repair, our partner at www.CellValuer.com can give you an estimate on the buyback of the device for reasonable credit.

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