Our Operating Hours

Our Operating Hours

Public – Repairs:  Free Delivery to your Office or Home

Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 pm at our Chinatown (S Lindell) location 

We service both in-shop and online mail-in customers, corporate accounts where devices are either delivered to us or picked up.  For local repairs you can drop off your device at the shop within the hours above.  If you don’t want to pickup in person we can deliver a completed repair to your home or office if it is within 5 miles of our shop or mail to you via USPS for no additional charge.

To obtain an estimate or order online see our online price estimator for repairs

Online Purchases or Pickup of Online Orders

10am to 3 pm Monday to Friday.  

If you are picking up a purchase made on CellDiscount, iPhoneStore or Cellvaluer  for greater than $100, we are open by appointment within the hours above.  Please text us the following:

  • The product you are picking up or viewing
  • Your name and telephone number
  • Time when you will be coming by

When you arrive at the store please knock or ring the bell and mention your name and we will accommodate.

Corporate Accounts

7 am to 10 pm Monday – Sunday

If you have a partner or business account with us, we do pickups through our ticketing system.  We do pickups and drop offs daily.  Or you can call or text us at 1-888-457-0457