When should I fix my phone rather than buying!

So when should I fix rather than buy ?


In our previous article we explained why buying a gently used warrantied phone from us is a far better decision than repairing.  In this article we explain the situations when repairing is better or the only option.

Situation 1 – You have Critical Data that is not backed Up

Most people do not setup cloud backup.  If you don’t have a backup here’s what you do first.

  • Login to your Google or iCloud account anyway
    Check to see if you inadvertently created a backup of your files.  Some people don’t know that they do have a backup.
  • Plug your cable into your computer and connect your software
    For some phones they will have a specific software.  The phone will need to be detected by the computer first however.  For Apple it is iTunes and for other brands they may have a specific download software.  Check on the manufacturer’s website.

If you still cannot get your data then you may have no choice but to repair your phone.  For most Android based phones, you will need to authenticate connecting the computer to the phone through the phone’s screen.  If you can’t see the screen or the touch won’t work you may need a repair.

Situation 2 – You can get a credit for a trade-in provided it is in good condition

Carriers and often manufacturers will give you a trade in credit on your device if it is in a certain condition.  For example Apple is offering $250 trade up credit on iPhone 7’s as of February 2019.  However in order to qualify the phone must be in working condition meaning that the screen cannot be broken and the home button functional.  If not then you won’t get the same value.  In this case it will be economical to repair.

Situation 3 – The Phone is very  new and you didn’t buy insurance or have any coverage.

Sometimes you may buy a premium phone (in this case anything over $500) and either bought it second hand (this is why we sell warranties on our gently used phones) or bought new but didn’t opt into any optional insurance coverage.  In this case the cost of a repair may be economical relative to the value of the phone.  The only time you don’t repair it is if the cost of the repair exceeds 60% of the value of the phone

Some Examples of Phones Worth and Not Worth Fixing

  • Samsung S8 Broken LCD:  Not worth Fixing
    The cost of the repair of the screen is expensive due to the nature of it.  Often the back glass will be cracked upon repair.  Buying a refurbished device from us give you a brand new LCD, battery and often back glass and will cost less than the repair 99% of the time.  This will allow your phone to operate for at least 2-3 years further.  Repairing your existing phone still leaves you with your old battery.


  • iPhone XR Broken LCD:  Worth Fixing
    This phone is relatively new and the screen is easy to fix.  The market value of the phone is $600+ depending upon the specs at the time of this article.  A new after market screen with a repair will cost less than 1/3 of this so it makes it worth fixing should you not have any insurance or accidental damage coverage.


  • iPhone 6S LCD: Maybe worth Fixing

    The market value of this phone is approximately $150+ at the time of this article depending up0n the specs.  However Apple is giving $200 in trade up credits if you upgrade provided the phone is not broken and you can sign out of your iCloud.  A screen replacement costs less than $100 in most cases which makes it worth it if you plan to trade in.  However we sell this device 32GB version for less than $175 and in this case repairing it makes no sense. It would be better to trade-up the device to us where we give you a credit for your broken device and apply that to a warrantied 6S that has been restored by us.  We will help you transfer your data to the new phone and your overall cost will be often less than the cost of the repair!

Choose your Phone to Purchase or Trade Up to

If you want to trade up or buy a new one, we sell only gently used phones that come with a standard 30 day warranty that is extendable to 3 years.  Unlike private sellers, all devices we sell are guaranteed to work on the carrier you want and are unlocked.

What we do prior to Delivery

We understand you don’t have unlimited time to check your phone.  This is why we offer a 30 day warranty on the device.  We check each phone prior to shipping:

  1. We check the LCD, body and exterior to ensure it is in the condition that is claimed in the listing.
  2. Do a battery health check. For an iPhone you can check here for iOS 11.3 and up.  Battery replacement is inevitable with any phone as they have a limited lifespan.
  3. Perform a Diagnostic to make sure it is functional.  For Android you can use an App like these to check for issues.  If you have a Samsung you can use a special code to access the diagnostic.  For iPhones you can check here.  We perform this diagnostic prior to shipping and communicate transparently the condition.

Why buy from Galaxy CPR?

Naturally we encourage buyers to purchase from us because:

  • We are a Physical Shop where you  know we are not going to disappear overnite.
    GalaxyCPR only sells gently used phones from tier 1 wholesalers who check devices properly.  Any defects that we know of are disclosed transparently to the buyer.  Most used phones are not perfect (may have blemishes etc.) but they offer great value, often at up to 75% less than MSRP.
  • Guaranteed to Work!
    GalaxyCPR will ensure your carrier works on your phone or we will refund you in full with no restocking fee.  No more worries about carrier, IMEI and iCloud/Google locks!
  • Device come with Warranty!
    GalaxyCPR is a licensed Las Vegas business that has 5 star Google Reviews.  All devices are warrantied for 30 days and can be extended to up to 3 years.  Although all sales of gently used devices are final we provide exchanges within 30 days.
  • Able to Perform Servicing
    We have phone repair facilities and can do maintenance on any phone.

Contact GalaxyCPR.com  by text or phone for assistance in purchasing a warrantied gently used device today.  You may visit our store or purchase via our online store at CellDiscount.Store .  If you require a repair visit our online price estimator for repairs